Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Question I get every time I play this song, WHO IS IT?

First, let me apologize to die-hard "house heads" who tell me this song is old. I applaud you for spinning it months ago. With that being said, "WHO IS IT?" Every Friday & Saturday Night after my HOT 995 mix-shows, I'll receive phone calls and tweets that you usually sound like this, "what was the name of that song you played..." The song is called "Stereo Love" by Edward Maya (video below). Maya is a producer/dj from Bucharest, Romania. Click here for more info on him.

With a certified smash, DJ's lets get ahead and start to spin his next single "This is my Life."

You can find "Stereo Love" on my recent Mix-CD "WTF@District Vol3" available for free download below on this blog.

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